The Power of Storytelling

We recently had the opportunity to film and chat with Stephen Leach, Manager of Workforce Diversity & Inclusion at Nestlé USA. In this film, Stephen shares his experience working with Wisdom Capture.

As we continue to learn and grow alongside leaders in the space, the growth in research and findings on leadership has led to a need for new classifications to help distinguish between the larger body of results. In the case of Wisdom Capture’s approach to leadership development, two of these distinctions are relevant here.

Storytelling is the first new classification. It ties the power and influence of examples spoken directly to the listener about a pivotal experience. Humans have been communicating through stories for upwards of 20,000 years, and it is still the mechanism of choice to transfer information across groups.

“This is a phenomenal opportunity because now we are able to capture some really key pieces of advice, some really vulnerable stories, and some anecdotes that you can share out to others.”

Neuroscience is the second relevant classification which links the electrical and biological workings of the brain to employee engagement and behavior change. For high performing leaders, the biology of the brain plays a significant role in how they maneuver through their day while leading others at the same time.

Stephen was filmed as a partner involved with the Network of Executive Women. Experience more examples of Leadership Storytelling at

NEW Wisdom Launch

Last week, Wisdom Capture launched with our newest partner, the Network of Executive Women. Enjoy this film from one of their members, Hala Hanna of MIT Solve.

Sarah Alter, President and CEO of the 12,000-member women’s leadership organization, said the #NEWwisdom campaign was designed to support NEW members and advance gender equality by depicting challenges and solutions from leaders of every background, gender and age group.

Alter said the goal of #NEWwisdom is to “share stories from our community and change the corporate cultures and conversations. NEW has done a great job of developing individual leaders and we will continue to build solutions to help the C-suite transform organizations. Culture change is the hard part, and #NEWwisdom touches people the way only authentic storytelling can.”

See Hala’s film and dozens more on NEW’s Wisdom Capture platform in the link below.

Protecting Your Business Isn't Enough

Business is full of trite adages telling you to focus on the clients and work you have. The “make hay while the sun shines” mindset helps you focus on your busy schedule and serve current clients. Yet it’s important that, while the sun shines, you also prepare for seasons lacking in bounty—when business is sparse, and growth isn’t feasible. Deborah Sexton, Industry Icon Award recipient, advises professionals on the value of being both protective and proactive:

“It’s a lesson in paying as much attention to the business you have today as to the business you have tomorrow.”

Watch Deborah's full Wisdom Capture below:


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The Value of Volunteering

One thing often leads to another. Never has that been more true for Deborah Sexton than in volunteering, the Industry Icon Award recipient says. Participating in organizations has led to meaningful relationships and plentiful opportunities. In this Wisdom Capture, Deborah shares the value of volunteering, even when it means adding a few extra hours to your work week. She advises:

“Being active as a volunteer leads to unprecedented opportunities.”

Watch Deborah’s Wisdom Capture below.

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Marty's Wisdom for Work-Life Balance

It’s 8:00 am on a Saturday morning, and you wake up to 36 work emails. It’s a situation we can all relate to. And the internal struggle that comes next: to reply or not to reply? We live in a world that expects instant answers in our personal and professional lives. Marty Balogh has the answer to finding the balance. Surprisingly, it comes not from employees, but leaders:

“You will be a much better leader if you are understanding and accepting that life sometimes has to come first.”

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From Disney to Navy Seals: 7 Leadership Insights to Apply Now

You can’t have professional development without personal development. In most cases, if you’re looking for professional growth, you’ll end up working on yourself too. Yet organizations and individuals often treat them as separate objectives. What happens when you combine the two? You get wisdom—a combination of knowledge and leadership practices that you can immediately apply.

The Power of Third-Party Accountability

The Power of Third-Party Accountability

If you’ve never heard of the concept, “Third-Party Accountability” is the idea that you can be held accountable to complete a task or reach a goal by way of enlisting others to help make sure you keep your promise. For things like quitting smoking or losing weight, this is a great way of achieving your desired result and might even make the day-to-day battle to stay on track a bit easier. For 57 year-old Len Forkas of Fairfax County, Virginia, keeping true to his promise means completing a coast-to-coast race across the United States entirely on a bicycle. Might not sound so bad to make the 3000-mile journey, but the Race Across America must be completed in a grueling span of just 12 days.

The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals

“No one left behind,” a simple, yet inspiring saying was adopted by the United Nations to promote the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Set out to be achieved by 2030, these goals will promote the universal well-being of society through a holistic approach to transform the world. The goals acknowledge prevalent issues focused on sustainable development and further promote equality across all spectrums of society. Everyone is invited to join the campaign through conversation and action to show support for the following 17 Sustainable Development Goals.