Remi Adeleke: Wisdom to Transform

Remi Adeleke’s impressive list of movie, TV, and print portrayals spans from Transformers: The Last Knight to a national Jockey campaign. In his best role yet, however, Remi Adeleke has become the very thing he sought from a young age. He sat down with us at Wisdom Capture to share the lessons learned on his journey to the man he is today.

After losing his father, Remi permanently relocated to New York with his mother and brother from Nigeria in 1987. Remi found himself falling into trouble while in the Bronx. It wasn’t until his teen years that Remi first glimpsed positive African American male role models in Michael Bay’s films Bad Boys (1995) and The Rock (1996). Seeing the male heroes allowed Remi to see that a life beyond rapping, basketball, scamming, and dealing drugs was possible.

Inspired by the Navy SEAL heroes he saw onscreen, Remi left his life of crime behind and joined the Navy in 2002. Hard work, discipline, and triumph over failure led to becoming a Navy SEAL and furthering his idea of the role model he wanted to be for others. “Becoming a SEAL, any goal you really want, can’t just be a good idea,” says Remi. “You have to have a deep-rooted reason why.”

In 2016, that idea took the shape of acting. Again Remi found himself working his way up to the top—until one day he was asked to be a principal role in the most recent Transformers film. The film just happened to be directed by Michael Bay, the very man who had inspired him to become a SEAL.

“Full circle” is not a term lost on Remi, who is grateful for his faith and journey and life experiences. A husband and father to two young boys, he spends his time writing scripts, writing his biography Transformed, executive producing, and acting.

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