Wisdom Capture Stories: "If You Don't Let it Unfold..."

Staring at my computer screen with my arms crossed, I felt nearly frozen. I had sent a large proposal to a client, knowing that if they accepted, it would alter the state of my career. My mind was racing with what else I could possibly do to nudge the decision in my favor. Should I text some of the folks involved? Should I send a personal follow up thanking them, or should I wait? What was the right next move? Hey man, a colleague called out, whatcha doing? The voice breaking me out of my deep mental plotting was much welcomed; maybe he would know the answer! Sharing the full state of the current situation, I was now anxious to hear the sound advice that would propel my next decision. With a smile, he simply said:

"If you don't let it unfold, it will unravel."


Wait, what? I couldn’t just sit back and let it unfold, could I? What if I could do more? What if one more push would make all the difference? But on the other hand, what if one more push, one more controlling move would have ruined my chance of success? There comes a moment in every situation in which you have taken all the right steps, dotted every “i” and crossed every “t” and now it’s time to simply let the situation unfold.


What is one area in which you have done all the right things and now it’s time to allow the process to unfold so that it doesn't unravel?