The Power of Storytelling

We recently had the opportunity to film and chat with Stephen Leach, Manager of Workforce Diversity & Inclusion at Nestlé USA. In this film, Stephen shares his experience working with Wisdom Capture.

As we continue to learn and grow alongside leaders in the space, the growth in research and findings on leadership has led to a need for new classifications to help distinguish between the larger body of results. In the case of Wisdom Capture’s approach to leadership development, two of these distinctions are relevant here.

Storytelling is the first new classification. It ties the power and influence of examples spoken directly to the listener about a pivotal experience. Humans have been communicating through stories for upwards of 20,000 years, and it is still the mechanism of choice to transfer information across groups.

“This is a phenomenal opportunity because now we are able to capture some really key pieces of advice, some really vulnerable stories, and some anecdotes that you can share out to others.”

Neuroscience is the second relevant classification which links the electrical and biological workings of the brain to employee engagement and behavior change. For high performing leaders, the biology of the brain plays a significant role in how they maneuver through their day while leading others at the same time.

Stephen was filmed as a partner involved with the Network of Executive Women. Experience more examples of Leadership Storytelling at