Wisdom Capture's management team is comprised of industry innovators in the software, media, and service verticals.


Our various custom software solutions are currently in use by GOPRO, Estee Lauder, HP, Kaiser Permanente among many others. From managing employee engagement, donor connection, and consumer conversion our high tech solutions boast meaningful and frequent check-ins resulting in long-term adoption. Our platforms range from niche user bases of several hundred users to macro user bases with over 3 million users on a single platform.


Our media team has filmed and/or produced media projects for ABC, NBC, BMW and Facebook among many others. With an expertise in lighting, sound, directing and producing, our films have earned over 30 awards including an Emmy-nominated KPBS series, multiple short films and a diverse range of commercial projects for brands like Qualcomm, Taylor Guitars, WIRED magazine, Ubisoft and many others.


What's the Vision?

Our vision is to transfer wisdom to the world via media and technology. Wisdom, like your legacy, must continue on.


what's the mission?

We deliver world-class leadership insights and action steps to every individual for the purpose of improving their lives and the lives of others.