From micro teams to multinational companies, Wisdom Capture has a solution. You’re never too big or small to develop better people and stronger culture!


Free to all

For individuals and close peers.

  • Free public account

  • Access to over 200 films

  • Collaboration groups (limited to 5 peers)

  • Search tools


Teams looking to grow, collaborate and idea share.

  • Private team channel

  • Access to over 200 films plus featured films

  • Unlimited collaboration groups

  • Search tools plus advanced filtering

  • Reporting dashboard

  • PULSE framework

  • Analytic reporting

  • Admin content tools



For organizations who need integration and scale

  • Branded personal platform

  • Access to full Wisdom Capture film suite

  • Unlimited collaboration groups

  • Search tools, advanced filtering and smart content suggesting

  • Reporting dashboard by multiple segments


  • PULSE framework

  • Analytic reporting by multiple segments

  • Admin content tools

  • Custom playlist tools

  • Original content upload rights

  • Enterprise integration


Our open library of films, along with robust search, reporting and engagement features offer powerful insights into employee interests, attitudes and overall connection.